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Content Literacy Resources

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With CCSS, literacy is to be embedded in history, social studies, science, and career technology education. 

Some useful resources are listed below. Links are also given to web sources that will be useful for history and science classes.


CCSSO ContentLiteracy.pdf   Excellent information on how literacy looks different in content areas.  Especially useful are the instructions for specific strategies and a guide to how these strategies would look in different subjects (pages 18-76).


Reading in the Disciplines.pdf Excellent resource on the Challenges of Adolescent Literacy in content-area classes.



History Connections


History Web Sites for Teachers


IZZIT  Engaging educational videos and resources for critical thinking & thoughtful discussion


Library of Congress - Home Page


Links to Primary Sources on the Web:  U.S.A.  and World History


News on the Internet


New York Times Digital Library of Images


NYTimes History Lesson Plans Links 2012


Primary Source Sets - Library of Congress


Reading Like a Historian program, a set of 75 free secondary school lessons in U.S. history


Teaching with documents

Lessons divided by era. This section contains reproducible copies of primary documents from the holdings of the National Archives of the United States, teaching activities correlated to the National History Standards and National Standards for Civics and Government, and cross-curricular connections.


Twentieth Century History 

Facts and resources decade by decade.


Using Primary Sources:  Links + Search & Citation help


US History Websites with the Common Core


Science Connections 






Science Links for Teachers


National Academy of Science


National Geographic


 National Science Teachers Association




NYTimes Science & Math Lesson Plans


Middle School Science Classroom


Middle School Science Lessons


PBS Science


Popular Science


Science Spot


Statistical Data




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